Macbook Air To Get Thinner And Lighter With iPhone 12-Style Magsafe Charging

Apple is going to launch a new thinner and lighter version of the MacBook Air. According to a new report Apple plans to redesign its new 2021 laptop models smaller and lighter. The new appearance will take advantage of Apple’s new chips which offer great performance and efficiency savings. A rumor suggests that the new MacBook Air has a more radical design than its predecessors. 

MacBook Air to get thinner and lighter design

The new report assumes that Apple has been building the new models of MacBook Air by decreasing the bezels. According to Bloomberg, who first reported it, the new-appearance would be thinner and lighter without sacrificing the screen space. It is claimed that it will be less heavy. Nonetheless, it will add a newer model with a 13-inch display size. It’s appropriate for those who are planning to upgrade the following year. The newer MacBook Air will come with the newest M1 chip. 

Apple also hints at high-priced pricing at the newest MacBook Air models. It claims that Apple probably would launch the new laptop model at a higher price. Instead, other models will become the entry-level offering in Apple’s line up.

Notable features to look on

Bloomberg reports that the new MacBook Air comes with MagSafe charging, which will make its comeback in 2021 models. As we all know, the charging system was substituted by USB-C on most 2018 redesigned laptops. Further reports say that the newest MacBook Air model will be available with 2 USB ports that bring several connectivity standards.

MagSafe –

Apple also reports that the newest MacBook Air models will bring a slot for SD card which is suitable for video editors. Remarkably, the feature of the SD card was available on 2016 MacBook Air models. Nevertheless, Apple detached it and certainly not updated it. The latest laptop model will also leave an under-utilized and maligned Touch Bar.

Apple has long been believed to add some advanced technologies to its PC lineup. It includes bringing cellular connection and face recognition from the iPhones. The new 2021 MacBook Air designs will not include Face ID and 2 features-cellular connectivity. The new MacBook Air will be available with a cellular network, giving it the ability to connect to the internet. Apple says that the feature of Face ID needs some add-ons to make the facial recognition works appropriately on MacBook Air. 

Interestingly, a previous report says that Apple is planning to reutilize the MagSafe charging feature to the 2021 MacBook models. This is the same way as the iPhone 12 style. It would seem like the old-fashioned pill-shaped model though. The feature allows the users to charge wire to connect to the computer with magnets. Therefore, it would disconnect if the wire was pulled out. 

Mark Gurman, a key apple watcher, says that the new MacBook Air will support a 5G cellular network as well as Face ID.  However, that’s not likely to come in the first duplication of the remodels.

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