Amazon & Flipkart Took Preorders For Microsoft Xbox Series

Microsoft announced that Microsoft Xbox Series X and Series S pre-orders are live on Tuesday, September 22 globally, last year. Both Series are available on Amazon and Flipkart. However, Microsoft didn’t announce the availability of offline stores.

Those gaming consoles were predicted to smash the market and became best selling game consoles ever. There were more than 37 countries where the Microsoft Xbox Series were up for pre-order. Many gamers are enthusiast with these gaming consoles for sure.

Amazon and FlipKart have been partnering with Microsoft Xbox to launch its latest series online. 

What makes it better than its predecessors?

The Xbox Series S and Xbox series S are among other Xbox gaming consoles line up. In terms of the footprint, the Microsoft Xbox series S is the smallest Xbox console. This digital console comes with 512 gigabytes of SSD that speed the overall performance. If 512 GB was not enough, you can use the USB 3.1 for external storage. Unluckily, Microsoft said that the Xbox Series S didn’t have any optical disc slot. It means that you had to download the games or even playing on a cloud. 

Both the newest series of Microsoft Xbox got comprehensive overhauls as well. You could easily upscale the media content and games up to 4k. Microsoft says that the processors of the Xbox Series come with four teraflops of processing power. The game console, surprisingly, also supported HDR and Dolby Vision, which would sync effortlessly with the Xbox Game Pass. 

You could also access some video streaming platforms, such as Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix, and even Amazon Videos. The streaming content came with 4k resolution, even though upscale.

Interesting pre-order offers on Amazon and Flipkart

There was no confirmation yet that both series were eligible for more discounts during Flipkart Big Billion Days Sale or Amazon Great Festival Sale. The Series S was not listed in the upcoming offers though. There was also no preorders sign for the Series X during the sale season. 

Before making any payment, make sure to check and sign in to the delivery address as you wish. Customers could take advantage of numerous offers and a variety of debit and credit cards. Amazon claimed to give more than 5% of cashback to their prime member while others will get 3%. 

On the other hand, Flipkart claimed to provide an interesting offer for their customers. The customers could take advantage of various sets of offers to avail of maximum cashbacks and discounts. If shopping at Flipkart regularly, customers could collect SuperCoins which were useful to get discounts on Microsoft Xbox Series S. 

In selected markets, the Xbox Series S and Series X were available under Xbox All Access, a subscription program. It bundled the membership of Xbox Game Pass with the consoles. 

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