How to Fix Laptop Keyboard Error

The component of a laptop that is often damaged is the keyboard. The keyboard that is usually used to enter characters may be damaged, so it cannot enter ethical characters when you press the keys. The damaged parts must be fixed and there are many things that can cause damage. For example, it is exposed to dust, is splashed with water, there are components on the character button that are damaged, and so on.

People who have never learned how to fix a laptop are confused when faced with this. In the end, you can only take the laptop directly to the laptop repair section. Even though in an emergency, you need to use the laptop immediately. The solution is to try a few steps on how to fix laptop keyboard errors independently.

1. Check Num Lock

One of the things that causes the keyboard error that cannot issue letter characters is the active Num Lock. When you press the button accidentally, the character that comes out will usually be different from the button you just pressed. If you want to solve the depressed NumLock problem, then you only need to press the Fn and NumLk keys together. When the button has been successfully deactivated, the keyboard will be able to function as it was before the error.


2. Perform a System Restore

If the keyboard event becomes unusable after installing a program, it could be caused by the installation of that program. If that’s what you are experiencing, then this can be resolved by doing a system restore. It’s very easy and you only need to click the Strat Menu. Select Recovery.

When you have finished doing a System Restore, usually the laptop can function properly again. You can type on the keyboard without experiencing any problems. It’s just that this method makes your laptop lose the programs installed after installing the program that is considered problematic earlier.

3. Clean the dust and dirt stuck to the laptop

All types of electronics are susceptible to dust and dirt. Dust and dirt can easily slip between the parts on the keyboard. To be able to remove the dust, you can use a special small vacuum that can suck up dust.

Meanwhile, you can clean the outside of the keyboard using a special liquid. Remember, you need to avoid the laptop from being splashed with drinks or other liquids. A keyboard that has been splashed with water can also be damaged easily.


If the laptop accidentally gets into the water, then all you need to do is open all the buttons. Wipe with a soft cloth and add a little alcohol. But removing all keyboard keys you have to do with caution. You can see some tutorials to remove the keyboard on Youtube. An error in removing the keyboard can actually make the keyboard even more damaged.

You already know a few things that can cause keyboard damage and how to fix them. If you’ve tried all these things and the keyboard still doesn’t work properly, then you can try going to a laptop repair specialist.

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