How To Connect TV to Youtube

Watching videos is best when you use a widescreen. This also applies to watching Youtube which is less exciting when done using a smartphone. Watching for a long duration using a small smartphone screen can make your eyes tired quickly.

The solution to this problem is to connect the TV to Youtube on the smartphone. There are many ways to watch Youtube through Sharp TV, LG TV, and various other TV brands. If you want to connect Youtube with TV, then you can read this article to the end.

How to Connect TV to Youtube Using Google Chrome

The first most effective way to connect a TV to Youtube is by using Google Chrome. Make sure the tv you want to connect to is an Android TV. If you are still using an old TV that doesn’t have Android technology, you can’t practice using this method.

1. Open a browser in the form of Google Chrome on your Smartphone.

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2. Open the Youtube application or enter the website at the address

3. In the Google Chrome application or browser that has opened the Youtube page, select the button with the image of three vertical dots. The button is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

4. Many menus appear on the smartphone screen and you select Cast …

5. Options appear for several devices that can be connected with the casting menu. Connect the Android TV with the same Wifi used by your smartphone.

6. If you have successfully connected with the same wifi, then you can see the YouTube display on your Android TV.

How to connect TV to Youtube is very easy. You also don’t need additional equipment or HDMI cables.

How to Connect TV to Youtube by Using Miracast

You can take advantage of the built-in features available on smartphones, such as Miracast to connect the TV to Youtube. Almost all smartphones circulating today are equipped with the Miracast feature. The method is also quite simple and you can immediately practice the following.

1. Check that your smartphone supports Miracast.

2. Turn on your smartTV and select it in the options menu to find the settings that enable Miracast or Screen Mirroring. In general, each tv brand has settings to activate Miracast in different ways. You can search for this information on Google and make arrangements according to the instructions given.

3. TVs that have activated Miracast will usually scan the smartphone device that is also activating Miracast.

4. Open your smartphone again and open the settings section with the name Settings menu. Then you select Connections & Sharing and the Cast option will appear.

5. HP will scan the TV which also activates the Miracast feature automatically.

It’s not very easy to connect a smart TV to Youtube. It’s just that the thing you need to remember is how to set up smartphones and smartTV between brands, which can be different from one another. But broadly speaking, you can use the methods in this tutorial.

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