6 Tips in Maintaining Your Laptop Battery Life to Make it Last Longer

Nowadays, laptops are one of the most important devices for most people, adults as well as children.  Whether you use it to watch movies, gaming, doing school work or office work, laptops help maximize your work. Laptops are especially designed with higher portability.  Speaking of portability, is to be small, lightweight, plus easy to carry everywhere.  

In order to support all your activities from your laptop, your laptop battery life depends on the use and maintenance of the laptop battery itself.  Without careful use, the battery will leak faster and ultimately affect the performance of your device.  Hence, if it’s too damaged, the cost to replace it is quite expensive.  With that, consider the following 6 tips to keep your laptop battery life last longer. 

Set the Brightness to Low Mode

Did you know when setting the brightness level of your laptop to higher than 50% will make it drain quickly and may cause eye irritation, fuzzy eyes and other health problems?  In fact, one correct way to maintain your laptop battery is to adjust the light of your laptop screen to low mode.  This way, not only good for your eye health, this method is also good for maintaining the quality of the laptop battery.

Source: https://www.asus.com/Microsite/display/eye_care_technology/aa/ 

Keep Your Laptop From Being Completely “Empty”

In general, how many hours does a laptop battery last?  The answer is about 5-7 hours, depending on the brand and specs of the laptop battery you have.  The truth is, the habit of using a laptop until the battery power is left at 0% will cause a breakdown.  In other words, when your laptop suddenly shuts down while still running, then it will make the battery components damaged more quickly. It’s best that you immediately charge your laptop as soon as the battery percentage shows 20%. 

Activate Power Saver

Probably one of the easiest ways to maintain your laptop battery life is to activate the “Power Saver” mode.  This feature will extend the laptop service life and will save power when the battery is very low.

Immediately Unplug the Charger if it is 100% Full

Leaving the cable plugged in for too long will continue to drain the battery.  So, it’s best that you avoid charging your laptop when you’re going to be away for a long time.

Software Updates

Updating the software on your laptop is another way to maintain your laptop battery life.  Because when you have a regular software update, you are able to fix any bugs to extend the battery life.  

Using Original Cables

Last but not least, it’s extremely important that you use the original charger cable from the laptop manufacturer.  Using a cable that is fake or cheap with unclear quality, may result in an unstable electric current.  Therefore, the battery gets damaged quickly because the current surge is too large or too small.

The 6 tips above are some of the main ways to maintain your laptop battery life so that it lasts a lifetime.  So, instead of letting the battery become damaged, it would be better if you start taking care of your laptop battery the right way. 

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